The other dark chapter of Strauss-Kahn’s life

Even Hollywood couldn’t have made this story up. Overnight, Dominique Strauss-Kahn has gone from IMF master and commander, steering the world through the storm of financial ruin, to “Le Perv” who was dragged by police into a Harlem jail on charges of sexually assaulting a hotel maid.

Now a dramatic twist has been added by a French novelist, who’s threatening to reopen a similar dark chapter from Strauss-Kahn’s history.

Tristane Banon, an attractive 31-year-old writer, said on Monday she was sexually assaulted by Dominique Strauss-Kahn nine years ago. Speaking through her lawyer, Banon added that she was previously dissuaded from filing a suit by none other than her own mother –a regional Socialist Party official.

“We are considering filing suit. I’m working with her on this,” her lawyer told journalists.

Since news broke of Strauss-Kahn’s arrest, there has been widespread suspicion of conspiracy among the French. Before this weekend, opinion polls indicated that Strauss-Kahn was the frontrunner in next year’s presidential election, and that could have made him the target of foul play by almost anyone.


But Banon’s story, and the image of Strauss-Kahn as the sexually-insatiable Big Bad Wolf, is likely to quickly gain traction in France.


In 2007 Banon was a guest on a popular TV show hosted by presenter Thierry Ardisson, in which she described a sexual assault on her by a politician. The man’s name was beeped out of the show. Describing the incident the young novelist said: “When we were fighting, I cried out ‘rape’ to scare him, but that didn’t seem to scare him much.”

“I didn’t want to go through with [a lawsuit]. I didn’t want to forever be known as ‘the girl who had a problem with a politician’,” she said to explain her reluctance to press charges. (Watch video)


The final chapter of the Strauss-Kahn drama has yet to be written, but Banon’s next words will have French readers riveted.

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since the beginning of this story , i knew tha the sister lied about all those fantansies lands where she taught she lived why punished someone like him for the rest of his life.For me if sex was she was consented because i am working in hotel and there rules that have to be taking going to an occupied room, she knew tha the gst was in the room was stayed inside and wait so long to declare she was rape, we know those sisters from oversises like money and will do anything for that
What karmic justice? Just because a woman was a prostitute doesn't preclude her from being raped! In this case though, Monsieur Strauss-Kahn raped a woman with HIV! I would imagine he is going to be taking some HIV antivirals in the hope of preventing the development of HIV infection and then AIDS? Shouldn't be forcing strange women to have sex, serves him right!
The Great Seducer is really a sexual predator who uses his political position to force women to have sex with him either through intimidation or physical force! He needs to be thrown into prison, into general population with a big bull queer for a cellmate! Then he could find out what being forced feels like! That would be justice!
good luck to this victim. the fact that he got off in america does not say much for us, except that the alleged victim was a prositute looking for riches,sadly right up this perverts alley. he is a sick man and should be punished in some way, i do hope france will rally around you. god bless.
I am greatly disappointed in the French people. For being so supposedly enlightened and sophisticated, you people are still of a neanderthal mentality when it comes to women. My desire to visit your country no longer exists. As for the conspiracy theory of how we (USA) "set him up"? All I can say is not only are you ignorant but you need to go get your free education thats killing your own society economically. And for the person who says we are in deep debt? BECAUSE WE GIVE OUR MONEY TO YOU PEOPLE AND YOUR "UNION". GREAT JOB DECISIONS THATS BEEN! NOT ONLY HAS HISTORY SHOWN WE U.S. CITIZENS HAVE ALWAYS SAVED YOUR SNOOTY ASSES, BUT YOU CONTINUE TO BE UNGRATEFUL FOR IT. (HOW THOSE MUSLIMS WORKING OUT FOR YOU BTW?) SO TIRED OF READING THE JUDGEMENT FROM ACROSS THE POND. LOOK AT YOUR OWN SELVES FIRST.
On the whole, most French male politicians are quite ugly and they are deluding themselves that women find them attractive. Instead women likely feel like they are prey and unwillingly succumb to the male politician’s attention out of fear of losing their jobs or it adversely affecting their careers. Memo to male politicians: you are not attractive enough to otherwise lure these women, so leave them alone.
It seems like the french commentators and politicans in their commentary of the Strauss-Kahn have missed an important point! From the currently actualities it must have be very easy for the French President's staff and himself to have concluded that there were very real risks in appointing Strauss-Kahn to the IMF candidaturen: risks now well know!! Therefore the real scandal is the lack of a judgement by the President in the appointment.
In the USA your guilty until proven innocent, in France your innocent until proven guilty.
Very obviously a set up... 1.whoever this woman is, she is not an american citizen, she is raising a child by herself and I am sure is struggling to make ends meet. Then she sees an opportunity to make some money, go on american Television to inflame all the male hating american females, get rich and get american citizenship. And as posted above, probably write a book and live next to oprah 2. Sarcozy/political powers in France set him up so he won't wint he election Whichever it is, the Americans are handling it terribly, making one of the most important me in the world (who has not even been proben guilty yet!) parade around in handcuffs like some petty criminal. Americans have alot to learn.
I do not know if it is true or not but something seems fishy that the brother is the one that reported it...why didn't she? NYC should not have arrested him, he should have been sent back to France until there was more evidence, this young woman maybe honest, but she might not be. It is the same principal of us going into P and taking control of BL without including that country. Geithner, was quick to judge. Lets not forget that he didn't know he owed $34,000. in incomes taxes. He is a lame dishonest brain. When I worked for Obama I thought he would do as good of a job picking his cabinet as he did for his campaign staff, as I and many people that worked for him thought. I wouldn't be surprised what tricks America would play next, if it involves the almighty dollar. In ruining someones life, and killing in this country as well as around the world, we are experts--this country is crazy. I just hope the french people recognize it and will restore this man back to a decent life in his country. Frankly, I can't believe that whole deal, something is a miss and everyone I have talk to feels the same way. They need to sent the man back home, as it stands now there is not a country that an American can visit and be welcomed. The rest of the world please, do not hold the American population responsible for our corrupt political system--we suffer too much as it is. I have french in my blood and my heart and soul. Maxime
I think the maid consented to sex because she didn’t tell Strauss-Kahn she was HIV positive to stop him from making sexual advancements. Suppose everything she said was true, that doesn't get rid of the fact that she knew she had a deadly virus and she didn't want to inform him so he could stop and to prevent him from getting infected. She probably didn’t have sex with a man in the last twelve years and was turned on by the seducer Strauss-Kahn, so she kept quite about her illness and enjoyed herself while murdering Strauss-Kahn with HIV. It’s a criminal act not to inform a sex partner about being HIV positive. Everyone knows that her husband died of HIV in Guinea and the HIV epidemic is widespread there. It’s only obvious she has HIV because she lives in an apartment complex specifically for HIV patients. If Strauss-Kahn had sex with his wife when he got out of Rikers jail then he probably infected his wife with HIV. If he did get HIV, he should blame himself for having contracted HIV for not being more selective with the women he has sex with. Donald Trump always had sex with beauty pageant winners who were clean. For a man of his wealth, he should have picked more attractive and cleaner women. I also think she lied to the police because she said the door of the hotel was locked from the inside and that’s not true because it can only be locked to a person from the outside. She should have called the front desk with her cell phone to ask for help or she should have scratched his face or yelled for help. She said she was forced to give him a BJ, but that is odd because why would Strauss-Kahn trust a woman with sharp teeth if he is attacking her. Strauss-Kahn is a high priced lawyer and he knows it’s against the law to rape a woman. She was aware of the fact that a man who can afford to pay $3000.00 a night for a hotel room is probably wealthy and she wanted to sue him or the Sofia hotel to get out of her poverty which I heard was really bad. If the Sofia hotel really were a luxury hotel they should have at least hired people from more prestigious backgrounds unless they were underpaying her and working her like a mule. I wouldn’t pay $3000.00 a night if an HIV maid was tampering around in my bathroom. What if she had a cut on her hand and blood fell on the toilet seat or on my clean towels?
All men on the blog should do their consciences some good by leaving the ex IMF boss in peace. No man's a gentlemen, he only remains a gentlemen as long as he doesn't get caught. Oh, I feel sorry for the poor guy that this time around he was caught. Lest I forget, everybody knows that the Americans are behind this. As a matter of fact ,they're masterminds behind this script which is good for nowhere else than the Hollywood screens. Let me fill you guys in on it. America is near bankruptcy, they can't pay their publics debts, it's in the neighborhood of $14 trillion, and to prevent the ''used to be'' world number one crashing like Ireland, Greece ( by the way spain, Italy, france... are on their way too), they'd have to go kneeling and begging the IMF and other Washington money house to bail them out. My believes are that those plans don't just go down well with Mr. Strausskahn, so the American's are trying and have actually succeeded in bulldozing him out of their way. I'm sure Sarkozy's hands are in this, he may have formed a formidable duo with the Americans, but whether he likes it or not, he's not good for a president and he's never been. What about the poor muslim african sister who's been laboring so hard at the Sofitel Hotel for a $800/week paycheck to ensure that her 15 year old child can have some McDonald's at the end of the day, might she be saying the truth?. Of course there're just two scenarios; if yes, then Judge Melissa Jackson and her colleagues should send him without any further delay to meet Ben Madoff. But if the second scenario is true then '' may Allah deal with her accordingly''
two possibilities - alpha male rapes hotel maid thinking he can get away with it (if so lets hope he goes to jail) or alpha male who might beat Sarkozy and/or somehow run afoul of the global elites is set up using his known imperfections. although he is a known philanderer that is certainly different than a rapist. According to Banon he is not even a competent rapist. it is amazing how the elites have thrown DSK under the bus as usually if he was still in their favor the whole press reaction and how he was arrested would have been different. Geithner was awfully quick in stating he should resign as head of the IMF. Even if DSK is not guilty, the trials will keep him out of the race for the French Presidency. My first reaction was that a man who could afford a $3000/night suite in NYC, and a $3.8 million 2nd home could buy whatever sexual fantasies he wanted especially in NYC. So there is something seriously wrong with the man or he was set up.
Why do the French always want to defend scumbags? This time he got caught red handed. It's not so much about sex as it is about power and control. That power and control now lies with the District Attorney in New York. I imagine he'll want an AIDS/HIV test soon.
Opportunism at its best. Bet she has a new novel about to be released: "Mon ill-fated affair avec DSK".
It's sad that I don't see any compassion for the victim, only excuses and theories to clear DSK. France, you have a lot to learn.
I find it stupid that French politician are not punished by their country courts for CRIMINAL behaviour, but the strangest thing is that French people condone it! I understand how the press can be blackmailed in covering up, I can understand corrupted police and judges, but why the public continue supporting such perverts? would they really want their own daughters raped by a politician? French politicians (and Italian, too) long went unpunished for whatever crimes they happened to commit. That proves corruption of the courts, police but also corruption of the media and the society itself. And how is an attempted rape part of the MACHO ideal is beyond my understanding. I thought macho meant "manly" not stupid, corrupted and criminal.
My first instinct was to wonder what on earth Banon's mother was thinking, counseling her daughter not to report a sexual attack. But the more I see of French reaction to DSK's arrest, the more I think her mother might have had a point. It sounds like women's allegations of sexual attack regularly get waved off in French society, and Banon likely would have been vilified (which is happening now anyway) while DSK enjoyed his reputation as a "seducer". Combined with the affair with his subordinate, it's pretty obvious this guy has immense issues in positions of authority over women.
One would be well advised to read the judicial complaint. He grabbed her breasts, tried to pull down her pantyhose and grabbed her between the legs and tried to force her to perform oral sex on him to no avail. The guy is an animal not a presidential hopeful. The number pf powerful men that behave this way is shocking, truly shocking. His wife shopuld not stand by him. She should run for the hills.
The press in France seem to be focusing on the acceptability of affairs in political life and not looking at the criminal aspect of the arrest of the leader of the IMF. In America Strauss-Kahn has been arrested due to the possible rape and assault of a young woman, not because of an affair that is consensual. Why should his treatment be any different to other alleged criminals. Are we not all the same in the eyes of the judicial system?
No, but your feeble attempt to dismiss a possible sexual assault victim's words as bollocks with such a tenuous stretch definitely discredits you.
Beyond, you misunderstand. "literally blown over" could simply mean she was overwhelmed with emotion and collapsed onto a sofa. In legal terms, easily defensible--but not so easy to defend a purposeful, sustained sexual attack, n'est pas?
Literally 2. Used for emphasis or to express strong feeling while not being literally true - I have received literally thousands of letters
Interesting that you would use the word "attractive" in describing Ms. Banon, as if it were in any way relevant. Must be a French thing.
An actress who did not want to be named told the British press that she found herself alone with DSK not long ago and he behaved "like a gorilla." It is surprising that her comment isn't receiving more attention.
If she had said something nine years ago, maybe this crime would not have happened.
I would assume that the master tapes for this interview would have retained the name of this politician. As this was from 2007 then the idea of a plot to character assassinate DSK would be blown apart, the incentive to discredit him back then would not have the same effect as it would now.
Rather brilliant deconstruction of her case, beyond. Despite the fact that the quote in French reads, <>, I'm sure you're right. I mean, even though the Guardian poorly translated 'bouleversée' as 'blown over,' and even though a more accurate translation would be 'shaken up,'--which someone in a state of extreme emotional duress may literally be--your analysis really cuts to the heart of the matter: the victims must be lying. If only I could plug into your brain for a moment and capture a glimpse of the infinite.
If Ms. Banon had come forward nine years ago, it is quite possible this serial-attacker would have been arrested and removed from the powerful role that has allowed him access to young women, easily overwhelmed by men like this. Shame on her mother for not protecting her daughter, and shame on a process that still makes it difficult for victims to come forward and get justice done.
According to the Guardian, Banon's lawyer, David Koubbi, said that she was "literally blown over" when she heard that Strauss-Kahn had attacked the hotel chambermaid... Surely the use of "literally" discredits both Banon and her lawyer. If they can't avoid that kind of obvious exaggeration in a public statement then what other bollocks have they let slip?

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