France inspires the world's imagination, but what inspires the French? FRANCE 24 journalist Joseph Bamat homes in on the French trends, big and small, that you should know about. From best sellers and chart toppers to opinion leaders and political contenders, the Fuss takes a wide temperature reading to find out what and who is hot in France.

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National Frontrunner?

According to two opinion polls this week France's far-right candidate Marine Le Pen is on track to win the first round of next year's presidential election.
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Prime time is cooking

Despite their tradition and passion for cuisine, the French are only starting to warm up to cooking shows.
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La princesse in the castle

Saving fair maidens from the tyrannical grip of third-world no-gooders is turning into a national pastime in France.
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French dump foot losers for hand heartthrobs

French sports lovers have been left vulnerable after the national football team's timid performance on the world stage, but they seem to have found the thrills they were missing in the bulging forearms of the country’s wacky handballers.
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